Hello to the elder me! I see you sitting by the side of your window. Holding the hands of your soulmate, like you always did! I see, both of you happy and content like you both always were. Though not to forget the tough times, you both have bravely fought. Yes, right now, everything seems... Continue Reading →

I Am Not Claustrophobic, Anymore! 

28. 05. 17 Losing someone is one of the harsh realities of life. It is harsh but like always, truth is inevitable. It takes hell lot of time to accept that truth and make it a part of our life. By losing, I do not mean, not talking. By losing, I mean death. I lost... Continue Reading →


A little​ talk with all of them who are going to take a step and end it all. Suicide is not the solution! Being alone is scary, very scary, sometimes, this loneliness drives us till a point where, you cant take it anymore and decide to end it. All the facts of life fade away,... Continue Reading →


Tired of the distance between them, she often complained.  “You have lost all the charm and I am not going to fall for you again!” She teased.  “Will you marry me and grow old with me?” He asked and she fell for him again, like myriad times!

An open letter to Best Friend! 

Dear, Best Friend! It's surprising that how the distance between us never mattered and how our bonds have become stronger over the past few months! I never thought that we have to go through this phase of another little separation before we can actually stay together, forever. But then, it's okay, only when you are... Continue Reading →

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