An open letter to Best Friend! 

Dear, Best Friend!

It’s surprising that how the distance between us never mattered and how our bonds have become stronger over the past few months! I never thought that we have to go through this phase of another little separation before we can actually stay together, forever. But then, it’s okay, only when you are away from each other for miles is when we understand the value of each other more. 

We were always excited about getting a new job and moving to a new city, little did I know that I have to move away from you too. Trust me, today where I stand, I can only see darkness, sorrows and homesickness in the coming future but again I am reminded of all the times, you were there to pull me out of all the troubles. Yes, I know, you will always tell that you have done nothing for me but let me tell you one thing, I have shared with you the deepest secrets of my life, secrets that even parents wouldn’t know and you like a good friend always showed me the right path, isn’t that enough? 

It could be a little hard to digest for people about how we bonded so much, it still takes me by amaze that it just took a few minutes with each other to understand that this friendship is forever! I will miss you truckloads but what I will miss more is the essence of you being beside me and also, the good food that you cook! 
I know, you will tell that I will find a lot of people in the new place to hang out with, you will tell that I will find another home there, you will tell that I will have people to go to when I feel homesick but what I won’t find is You. I won’t find You there anywhere and that is painful! I won’t find another best friend like you and no mortal can ever replace you! 

I know, I still have time to leave this place which I call my home but I don’t know why I miss you already. Amongst all these, I promise to be there whenever you need me, I promise, I will always be the good girl you know, I promise to give you missed calls as you are the one who calls me and I promise, I will pay you a visit every three months. You can come over to my place too once everything settles down and I promise, I will make time for you. 

Meanwhile, let’s spend glorious time together till when I am here and let’s make memories that we will cherish, for now and forever! I love you and I know, you love me more! 

Guddu. 🙂


4 thoughts on “An open letter to Best Friend! 

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  1. This is the sweetest post ever!
    The depth and the positivity is simply stunning!
    Every challenge in life will give a chance, to become and love more, or to stop growing and blame everything around!
    I know the kind of person you are and an absolute pleasure to know you!
    Your heart is pure and that always ends well!
    Keep writing! Keep loving!


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