Positivity is contagious! 

*Warning: This post will be long, full of quotes and will turn you into a positive bug. Read at your own risk.*

    *Too long as this is my advice to my 20 year old self.*

    I do not know where to start, I do not know how will this post end but all I know is, this will help you, me and the entire human race in the long run, mark my words! Positivity is that one human emotion which is also related to energy and that is why, we often come across the term called ‘positive energy.’ Like, I said, positivity is contagious and more contagious is negativity. People easily get attracted to the wrong feelings and emotions because it is easy. Humans also love wallowing in self pity and find extreme happiness in showcasing themselves as the victims of their luck and life. 

    • Be the heroine of your life and not a victim.

    Positivity is a lifestyle and  way of living. Positivity is also a phase in someone’s life and positivity sets everything right. The more positive you become, the more people around you start being happy and content. You spread positivity to the people you love and they give back that positivity. This is where, the concept of Karma should be projected. Karma says, what goes around comes around, for instance, if you tell negative stuff about the people around you, the less people will talk to you and you will become a complete lone soul. 

    Few theories in life go hand in hand, like, positivity, love and karma. When you have people who love you, they automatically bring a lot of positivity along with them and that positivity is spread among everyone. That’s why it is very important to have a good family, amazing friends and extraordinary mentors who will always have something nice to tell about you.

    Even the photo above calls for the same thing, surround yourself with the people who believe in you and your dreams. Everyone’s dream ain’t the same, some dream to earn big bucks and some dream of contentment and sense of fulfillment. No matter which academic background you come from, you are free to have dreams that either pay you or complete you. You may have degrees from the best universities but maybe your joy lies in teaching or writing. Your dream can also be earning loads of money though you come from the least known academic background or colleges. 

    Dreams don’t need reasons or logics, dreams need passion and beliefs. 

    Dreams don’t let you sleep at night, they keep you awake and you continuously work to make them true. Yes, dreams do come true! 

    There is a constant competition between people who earn to live a better and luxurious life. Even in 21st century, competition for a few mean, competing with the other mortal who will perish with us. Competition means to be a better version of yourself, each day, each hour and each second. You are not well off if you have better bank balance than your neighbour, you are well off only when you love yourself and have peace of mind. 

    Sometimes, when you are on a journey of self discovery and self love, you come across people who will pull you down. They are called haters. When you are busy loving yourself, growing and learning more and more, they sit back and hate you. Do not be affected because they can do no harm to you. You know why? You are positive, you are working on yourself, loving yourself and there, you win! Another concept or lesson of life comes into play here and we have heard about this moral since childhood. ‘Good over Evil.’ Till you are not speaking, talking or doing something wrong to others and constantly working on yourself, you are good. Good always wins. Always! Don’t harm and don’t get harmed. Remember, Karma is watching! 

    Along with your growth comes a lot of people who cannot digest your success, who are negative and have no aim in life. They feel inferior to you and therefore always speak behind your back, dare them to speak infront of you and they won’t utter a word. They cannot, they know, they are wrong. 

    Inferiority complexes happen when you have extremely high and unrealistic goals, the goals that are well above your reach. That doesn’t mean you need to be a genius, you just need a reality check. Also, a genius is not the one who has achieved all in his life or never seen a failure, for me, a genius is someone who can handle every situation, stay positive and spread positivity no matter what happens. A genius never gives up! 

    I am at a place where I have just started working towards my dreams and trust me, all of the hard works have bore fruits. I wouldn’t be having such peace of mind and happiness if I would be competing with my other software counterparts. I have so much to learn and grow, miles to go before I sleep. There are people who are envious, there are people who feel inferior and also, there are people whom I trust with my life. Thank you all of you for loving me so much! 

    Too much of talking, too many advices, all I can tell is, all of you will go through this phase when you will think that you are losing friends and no one understands you, keep calm and let the storm pass! Every cloud has a silver lining and it takes time for the cloud to rain away till then, wait. During this endless waiting do not indulge into something negative. Always remember, think before talking and you become what you think. 

    To all the people who are constantly, endlessly and tirelessly working on yourself, I am glad that you are already stepping up and to everyone who are jealous and spreading negativity, Karma says hii! 😊

    Life will slap you to shape, it is on you to be figured or disfigured! All The Best! 

    The photos are taken from Google. The content is strictly subject to copyright.


    4 thoughts on “Positivity is contagious! 

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    1. How do you do this?
      Your writing’s beauty when it combines with the powerful dose of positivity turns into this – just reading this makes brings a smile on my face and makes me feel much better!
      The depth in content showing your maturity, the quality of content showcasing your writing ability and the detailed format portraying your clarity! Just stupendous​!
      I concur with everything you say!
      Loved it!!
      Keep writing! Keep loving!


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