A New City, Another Different Story! 

I am back to this space after a pretty long time and I have been missing it way too much! 

As usual, I do not know where to start from, I do not know, which part of this story to tell you guys first. Again, let’s start from the start! 

We all have an undying passion for something or the other. My undying passion is for writing and it does not seem to fade out soon. WordPress has given me a different world altogether, I met my friends who are my virtual family, my soulmate and also, this fetched me my job! A dream job! I don’t know how to thank WordPress for all these! 

I never wanted to get into a software job and slog from 9am to 5pm, under someone! Nah! That isn’t me. I slogged and was rotten enough on the benches of my high school or junior college. Engineering was much fun though, the benches and the classroom will surely miss me because I hardly sat on them! 

Tomorrow is 8th May, 2017 and tomorrow will also be the last day of my engineering days. Tomorrow, will be one of the best days of college. The sad part being, I will be leaving the city where, I am born and brought up. This is the first time, I will be leaving my parents and staying alone, it seems fun! It is pretty much fun but equally upsetting. I can now feel the transition from a little girl to a woman who knows what she wants out of life and a lady who has decided whom to marry. Tomorrow, marks the beginning of our eternal love and unspoken vows that we took the previous year! May 8th has always something beautiful and grand to offer. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s in advance! 

Two big decisions of life, marriage and career, have already been decided, all I have to do now is, enjoy the process of turning into a butterfly from a cocoon. I know, the people who are leaving along with me and have stayed over 21years in one place, that how difficult the moment would be, when you see, your flight leaving the grounds of your city. Your heart will further sink in when you see the wheels touching a new ground, a new place, new people and yet, a new story has just begun. The people who are coming back to home, trust me, that’s the best place to live. Value and cherish those little moments with your family. 

It has been five straight nights that I have not been sleeping and even if I did, I woke up yelling, ‘mom!’ The nights are mostly spent by staring at the sea or thinking of how to react when I see my parents leave. The moment they turn back and get into the cab, I will be all teary, yet, I explain myself that my dreams will bring me back to them. Mom already has so much happiness in her eyes when I talk about my work. That is what I want, she should be happy for what I am doing, pride will come sooner or later. 

To reach somewhere, you need to move out from your comfort zone. Moving out, staying alone, doing what I love and having my love beside, I could not ask for more. I just wish, the day, they leave, I don’t cry. They​ should not be leaving the city with a heavy heart after all, the city is too beautiful for someone’s tears. I have been to the place and thoroughly enjoyed the stay. Also, the next time, I come home, I will be travelling alone for the first time. Too many firsts 2017 is going to see, too many firsts yet to come!

All the best to all of them who are going to be my co-passengers in this amazingly adventurous journey and to all of them who aren’t a part, I love you guys! The next post would be on the day, I reach the city, till then, adios! 


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  1. This “I think it’s best to hope for the best but prepare for the worst. ” has always been my motto. You ca#2;8&17nt control everything in life nor should you try but you can have a plan in place that you can rely on if you need. I like to approach my whole life this way, not just my finances.


  2. Gotcha.But seriously. Th&7ee#821r;s a time and place for portraits. The bath is not it.If you wanna take sensual photos of each other, that’s great, but please don’t subject us to those nasty bubble pics.


  3. Bonjour. Je suis très surpris de ce que vous dites.J’ai utilisé jusqu’à 300.000 Lignes d’excel 2007. Des vraies lignes, pas virtuelles.Donc c’est peut être un problème de paramétrage.Je vous invite à faire l&ép17;ex2#8rience de regrouper sur une seule feuille les importations. à mon avis, vous pourrez tout regrouper sur cette feuille.Dominique HANDELSMAN


    1. Pumpkin ia an autumn faot-iterAlvhough autumn arrives late here in North Florida. I look forward to the autumn foods.Your pumpkin peanut patties are unique- love it.Velva


    1. for it not being the &#e8;02n8wnessࢭ of the idea, but how well it’s done. Although, just to have a buck each way, too many replicas of the one idea in rapid succession does pall fairly quickly.

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  4. Like a shot of fresh air! It’s been way too long since the beautiful writing unleashed itself!! The best part about this post is the tone! A brilliant mix of humour, truth and seriousness!!! And that background image! You always were amazing at making them!!
    So much truth, so much positivity and most importantly this is more like you!!
    The flow, the depth and the maturity on show! Things that have stumped me for a year now!
    And yeah, Happy Mother’s Day 😉
    Keep writing! Keep loving!

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    1. These words of yours and infinite support make me what I am today. It took me quite long to get back to the form but better late than never!
      An year it has been and an year of you being stumped!
      I love you. YNWA.

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