Any Resolutions for the New Year?

So, a few hours more and another year will start! Everyone is busy making resolutions and maybe, you don't have any resolutions like me? It's okay! Let's make a few resolutions together?  To be a good human. To try and imbibe few qualities that we always wanted to have and anything that makes us a... Continue Reading →

In love, with a writer!

You know, The best part of, being in love with a writer? Your monday mornings will be poetic and romantic, Verses and poetries will dance around to melt you, when angry, And the world will taste like elixir when in love with a writer!

How to be confident in your own skin?

Hello everyone out there!! You must have read a gazillion of articles on how to be confident. But this, my readers, is going to be a bit different. This is how to be confident in your own skin. Own skin basically means your outer appearance.This article is about how you mask your faults and highlight your best... Continue Reading →

Missing Us!

It hasn't been long that we have been along, Yet it feels like we are together for yearlongs. A day without you feels like an eternity of emptiness, A moment with you is full of cockiness and blessedness!

Redefined Relations.

“Hon, you will find a mom in her, trust me.” He reassured. “I want my daughter in law to be my daughter. I want to share everything with her.” Her message read.

Not a normal family.

I have reached this point of life where, I have realised that family is not only the people you are related to. Family is not the ones who stay under the same roof and share a few things in common.  Home is where the heart is, they tell. Therefore, family is those people with whom,... Continue Reading →

Your Voice.

“Hey, you!! Everything will be right & you are awesome.” The voice you are hearing is the only right voice for you. Whatever you do, do for that one voice! Yes! That's your voice behind your head. Your voice!


When you were busy glimpsing stars and moon, Flying on the wings of someone else's dreams, I was strengthening my roots, And going deep, deeper into my own dreams.

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